Commercial Real Estate Services

Our team of licensed realtors is experienced with diverse types of commercial real estate transactions and assets

We assist our clients with the sale of their businesses and commercial real estate.

Whether it’s a small or large property, we will evaluate the comparable sales near the subject property and come up with a market analysis. We also work with 3rd party certified real estate appraisers when a formal report is required for lenders and financing.

We’re committed to provide exceptional service

If the real estate is not owned, we can assist with the transfer of an existing lease or negotiation of a new lease. Alternatively, if a buyer does not want to buy the real estate, we can facilitate the drafting of a new lease in conjunction with each party’s attorneys or counselors.

In either case, we will coordinate the closing process for the sale of the business and/or real estate for a seamless transition.

Investment Real Estate

Whether helping our clients in the purchase or sale of land, office, commercial, industrial or retail spaces, or managing the purchase of investment and development properties, we’re committed to provide exceptional service, and we strive for excellence in all our work.

Looking to Sell Your Business or Commercial Property?

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